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Latest Updates Scrum PSM-I Exam Practice Questions and Answers

What are two good ways for the Development Team to make non-functional requirements visible? (Choose two.)
A. Put them on a separate list on the Scrum board, available for all to see.
B. Add them to the Product Backlog and keep the Product Owner posted on the expected effort.
C. Run the integration and regression tests before the end of the Sprint, and capture the open work for the Sprint
Backlog of the next Sprint.
D. Add them to the definition of “Done” so the work is taken care of every Sprint.
Correct Answer: BD


What is the time-box for the Sprint Review?
A. As long as needed.
B. 2 hours for a monthly Sprint.
C. 4 hours for a monthly Sprint.
D. 4 hours and longer as needed.
E. 1 day
Correct Answer: C


Which statement best describes a Product Owner\\’s responsibility?
A. Optimizing the value of the work the Development Team does.
B. Managing the project and ensuring that the work meets the commitments to the stakeholders.
C. Directing the Development Team.
D. Keep stakeholders from distracting the Development Team.
Correct Answer: A


Who must attend the Daily Scrum?
A. The Scrum Master and Product Owner.
B. The Development Team.
C. The Development Team and Product Owner.
D. The Scrum Team.
E. The Development Team and Scrum Master.
Correct Answer: B


Which topics should be discussed in the Sprint Review?
A. The Scrum process, and how it was used during the Sprint.
B. Coding and engineering practices.
C. Sprint results.
D. All of the above.
Correct Answer: D


What is the recommended size for a Development Team?
A. 7 plus or minus 3.
B. At least 7.
C. 9.
D. 3 to 9.
Correct Answer: D


During a Sprint, when is new work or further decomposition of work added to the Sprint Backlog?
A. When the Product Owner identifies new work.
B. As soon as possible after they are identified.
C. When the Scrum Master has time to enter them.
D. During the Daily Scrum after the Development Team approves them.
Correct Answer: B


During a Sprint Retrospective, for what is the Scrum Master responsible?
A. Prioritizing the resulting action items.
B. Participating as a Scrum team member and facilitating as requested or needed.
C. Acting as a scribe to capture the Development Team\\’s answers.
D. Summarizing and reporting the discussions to management.
Correct Answer: B


Who owns the Sprint Backlog?
A. The Scrum Team.
B. The Product Owner.
C. The Scrum Master.
D. The Development Team.
Correct Answer: D


Multiple Scrum Teams working on the same project must have the same Sprint start date.
A. True
B. False
Correct Answer: B


Which two of the following are appropriate topics for discussion during a Sprint Retrospective? (Choose two.)
A. Identifying high priority process improvements for the next Sprint.
B. The order of items in the Product Backlog.
C. How the team collaborates.
D. Documenting acceptance criteria for items in the next Sprint.
Correct Answer: AC


How often should Development Team membership change?
A. As needed, while taking into account a short term reduction in productivity.
B. Never, because it reduces productivity.
C. As needed, with no special allowance for changes in productivity.
D. Every Sprint to promote shared learning.
Correct Answer: A

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