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Sharing CompTIA A+ 220-1001 dumps from 2019 until October 20, 2022, CompTIA A+ 220-1001 retired and replaced by the new CompTIA A+ certification exam “220-1101”.

Today I will be sharing CompTIA A+ 220-1001 dumps exam questions and answers for the last time, recommending all candidates to use Lead4Pass 220-1001 dumps https://www.leads4pass.com/220-1001.html, to help you pass CompTIA A+ easily Certification exam.

Differences between CompTIA A+ 220-1001 and CompTIA A+ 220-1101:

220-1001 and 220-1101

If you have taken the CompTIA A+ certification exam many years ago, you will find that whether it is 220-801, 220-802, 220-901, or 220-902 longer ago. They are not very different, a little change, a modification of the description…

Whether you are preparing to take the 220-1001 exam or are about to take the 220-1101 certification exam, the CompTIA A+ certification exam questions and answers I share below will help you learn useful knowledge:

The latest updated CompTIA A+ 220-1001 Dumps exam questions and answers:

Number of exam questionsExam nameFromRelease timeOnline Download
13CompTIA A+ Certification Exam: Core 1Lead4PassOct 19, 2022CompTIA A+ 220-1001 PDF

A user has a red X In the taskbar on a VM where Internet connectivity is usually located. Which of the following should be checked FIRST II all other operations are working normally on the VM?

A. Patch level of the host
B. Proxy server
C. Virtual switch

Correct Answer: C


Which of the following connector types is used to terminate household telephone cabling?

A. RG-6
B. RJ-11
C. RJ-45
D. RG-59

Correct Answer: B


During a remodel of an auditorium, a second projector was added. The first protector was rotated so the image is duplicated on another section of the front wall Both projectors are connected to the switch through a VGA splitter After the move users report the images on the second projector are normal but images on the first projector are skewed.

Which of the following would correct the issue?

A. Replace the lamp on the projector
B. Adjust the projector\’s keystone
C. Change the projector\’s resolution
D. Power cycle the projector

Correct Answer: B


Which of the following has a P4 connector to provide a 12V output?

A. EIDE port
B. 24-pin adapter
C. SCSI cable
D. eSATA cable

Correct Answer: A


After a new laser printer was installed, users began reporting issues. Duplicate copies of print jobs were not delivering fully separated copies; instead, similar pages were being stacked. Which of the following settings MOST likely needed to be checked to correct this issue?

A. Collation
B. Duplexing
C. Orientation
D. Quality

Correct Answer: A


A technician Is selling up a VM to be used for testing applications in a sandbox environment. The technician selects a quick setup to deploy the client with minimal configuration. The OS is Installed successfully; however, the VM locks up upon the first boot. The host device is operating normally.

Which of the following requirements should the technician review prior to making any changes?

A. Security
B. Resources
C. Network
D. Emulator

Correct Answer: A


A computer that had been running properly for about three years no longer boots. A technician observes the computer attempting to pass the POST but it beeps three times before crashing. The computer then attempts to boot again and repeats the process.

Which of the following is MOST likely the cause of the problem?

A. Mismatched memory speed type

B. Improperly seated memory modules
C. Malfunctioning memory modules
D. Incorrect memory type installed

Correct Answer: B


A charging pad for a mobile device is no longer working and needs to be replaced. Until then, which of the following alternatives can be used to charge the mobile device?

B. Ethernet
C. RJ11
D. Coaxial

Correct Answer: A


A technician receives a call from a user who dropped a laptop and cracked the screen. The user needs it replaced quickly. The technician has to ensure the correct stock parts are in the storeroom.

Which of the following components would the technician MOST likely need to repair the user\’s laptop? (Select TWO)

A. Webcam
B. Microphone
C. Video adapter
D. Bezel
E. Speaker

Correct Answer: DF


A technician is upgrading the RAM in a server-grade laptop for a company\’s Chief Execute Officer (CEO). The CEO cannot afford any downtime. Which of the following is the BEST type of memory module to purchase?


C. Parity
D. Dual channel

Correct Answer: A


Which of the following display connector types can transmit either a digital-to-digital signal or an analog-to-analog signal?


Correct Answer: C


A user receives a replacement modem/router combination device from an ISP and plugs it in. A laptop connected to the router via WiFi receives an address in 192.168.0.x range but is unable to access the Internet.

Which of the following would MOST likely resolve the problem?

A. Upgrade the network drivers on the laptop.
B. Change the laptop from a wireless to a wired connection.
C. Register the new cable modem MAC address with the ISP.
D. Update the password on the wireless connection.

Correct Answer: B


A user receives the following error message when powering on a computer:
The hard drive cannot be found. A technician restarts the computer, and it boots the OS normally. Several days later, the user reports another problem, but rebooting the computer does not resolve the issue. The technician replaces the motherboard, keeping the same CPU, battery, RAM, and hard drive. The user cannot authenticate at the login screen Which of the following would BEST explain the causes of the problem? (Select TWO)

A. POST error code beeps indicate RAM failure.

B. The system time is not set correctly in the BIOS
C. The voltage on the coin cell is drained completely
D. UEFI firmware has the Secure Boot setting enabled
E. Capacitors on the motherboard are distended
F. Incorrect settings are booting the wrong device
G. A BSOD error indicates the system is crashing

Correct Answer: CE

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ExamsCode Exam Table of Contents:

Latest CompTIA 220-1001 google drive

[PDF] Free CompTIA 220-1001 pdf dumps download from Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mzkWWSmpXBJQVP_TR1nTqZMFU4E_a_zg

CompTIA A+ Core 1 (220-1001) Certification Study Guide: https://www.comptia.org/training/books/a-core-1-220-1001-study-guide

Latest updates CompTIA 220-1001 exam practice questions

You need to configure your mobile device to send and receive electronic messages from your company.
You must use the company\\’s WLAN as all e-mail services are on default non-secure ports.
The company\\’s WLAN is broadcasting across the company for easier access. Both incoming and outgoing servers
require login credentials.
Use the following parameters:
Email address tech@techies com
Password P@SSwOrd
Pop techies com Port 110 Security. None
IMAP techies com Port 993 Security SSL
smtp.techies.com Port 465 Security: TLS
Company SSID Techies
Security WPA2
Passphrase P@SSwOrd
SSID is not broadcasted
Instructions: You are not authorized to use the Company\\’s WLAN The outgoing server does not require login
credentials. When you have completed the simulation, please select the Done button to submit your answer.
Configure Mobile Device
Instruction: Configure the settings to send and receive electronic messages from the company.
Update the mobile device\\’s parameters to fit the criteria.
If at any time you would like to bring back the initial state of the simulation, please click the Reset All button.examscode 220-1001 exam questions q1 examscode 220-1001 exam questions q1-1 examscode 220-1001 exam questions q1-2

A. Check the answer in explanation.
Correct Answer: A
Since we are instructed to not use the company\\’s WLAN we only need to worry about the email settings and ignore the
WiFi and Networks tab. On the MAIL tab enter information as shown below:

examscode 220-1001 exam questions q1-3

That should be all that is needed.
Tips: The mobile has to save button in the top right corner, your instructions might cover it so watch out for that, first is IMAP
then SMTP.


Which of the following peripheral types is MOST likely to be used to input actions into a PC?
A. Webcam
B. Mouse
C. Monitor
D. Optical drive
Correct Answer: B


A company offers server out-of-the-box computer configuration to its clients. A client request several new computers for
its location, which will be used by the guest to check-in upon arrival and fill out contact information. Which of the following
configurations would BEST the computer needs?
A. Touch screen kiosk
B. Thick client
C. CAD workstation
D. Virtualization host computer
Correct Answer: A


A user is no longer able to browse the Internet after returning from vacation. The user is able to log in and navigate to
the local intranet, but not to any outside sites. A technician pings a well-known website by name but gets no reply. The
the technician then pings its IP address and gets a reply.
Which of the following commands will MOST likely resolve the issue?
A. ipconfig /all
B. ipconfig /flushdns
C. ipconfig /release
D. ipconfig /setclassid
Correct Answer: B


The network administrator has changed the IP address of the computer from to and now jane, a
user is unable to connect to file shares on ComputerA from the computer using the computer name.
Using the available tools, resolve the connectivity issues.
After troubleshooting the issue, verify a successful connection.
If at any time you would like to bring back the initial state of the simulation? please click the Reset All button.examscode 220-1001 exam questions q5 examscode 220-1001 exam questions q5-1 examscode 220-1001 exam questions q5-2

A. See the
Correct Answer: A
We need to flush the DNS to have the new IP address assigned to the same computer name. Use the ipconfig/flushdns


An associate is seeking advice on which device to purchase for a friend who is a business owner. The friend needs the
ability to chat activity while keeping in contact with the home office.
Which of the following would be the BEST recommendation?
A. Smartwatch
B. Fitness monitor
C. Global positioning sensor
D. Portable hotspot
Correct Answer: A


Which of the following has a P4 connector to provide a 12V output?
A. Molex connector
B. 24-pin adapter
C. SCSI cable
D. eSATA cable
Correct Answer: A


A technician needs to call a user\\’s cellular provider to troubleshoot a network speed issue with the user\\’s mobile
device. Which of the following technologies is the technician troubleshooting?
A. Long-term evolution
B. Near-field communication
C. Radiofrequency ID
D. Z-wave
Correct Answer: A


A technician is setting up a VM for use in testing software deployments. The VM is offline, but the hypervisor is not.
Which of the following settings should the technician change to resolve this issue?
A. Virtual security
B. Virtual storage
C. Virtual CPU
D. Virtual switch
E. Virtual RAM
Correct Answer: C


A technician is configuring a high-performance workstation. The technician needs to choose storage for the boot drive
with the highest performance possible. Which of the following drive types BEST meets this requirement?
A. MicroSD
B. 15K rpm
D. USB flash
Correct Answer: C


A customer is using a cloud storage program that maintains a copy of local files on the cloud storage servers. The WiFi
network is not very fast, and the customer uses bandwidth-intensive video streaming all day. Which of the following
parameters should be adjusted to keep the cloud storage program from using too much bandwidth?
A. Synchronization settings
B. Wireless settings
C. Video streaming settings
D. QoS settings
Correct Answer: D


A company has very strict rules regarding proprietary information leaving the premises. All computers host proprietary
information. A technician is called to repair a computer on-site at the company\\’s corporate office. The technician
identifies the troubleshooting steps to create a plan of action. The technician determines the computer needs to be
taken off-site for repair.
Which of the following should the technician do NEXT?
A. Check corporate policies for guidance.
B. Get authorization from the manager.
C. Delete proprietary data before leaving the building.
D. Remove the HDD and send the device for repair.
Correct Answer: A


Which of the following connector types is used to terminate household telephone cabling?
A. RG-6
B. RJ-11
C. RJ-45
D. RG-59
Correct Answer: B

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