Everything Important About the CCDA 200-901 Certification Exam

CCDA 200-901 Certification Exam

Summarize all important things about the CCDA (Cisco Certified DevNet Associate) 200-901 certification exam: 200-901 DEVASC certification value, exam plan, learning method, career planning, industry salary…

Whether you want to enter this industry or work hard for the next upgrade, you should clearly know all the relevant information of 200-901 certification, which will be explained one by one below:

CCDA 200-901 DEVASC Certification Value

The CCDA 200-901 DEVASC certification holds significant value in the IT industry. It validates your skills in network automation, software development, and infrastructure programmability. This certification is highly relevant in today’s technology landscape and opens up a range of career opportunities. It enhances your professional credibility, as it is recognized by Cisco, a leading networking company. Additionally, it connects you with a community of professionals passionate about network automation and programmability, providing opportunities for learning and collaboration. Overall, the CCDA 200-901 DEVASC certification is valuable for professionals looking to excel in the field of network automation and programmability.

CCDA 200-901 Exam Focus

The CCDA 200-901 exam focuses on evaluating your knowledge and skills in network automation, software development, and infrastructure programmability. It covers topics such as software development and design, understanding and using APIs, infrastructure and automation, network fundamentals, security fundamentals, and network programmability. The exam assesses your understanding of concepts related to network automation, programming interfaces, network infrastructure, security, and software development. By passing the exam, you demonstrate your proficiency in these areas, which are crucial in today’s evolving IT landscape.

200-901 Study Plan

Creating a study plan for the CCDA 200-901 exam is essential to effective preparation. Here are some of the most effective ways:

Gather Study Materials: Collect relevant study materials, such as textbooks, online courses, practice exams, and official Cisco resources. Utilize a mix of resources to cover all the exam topics comprehensively.

Create a Study Schedule: Design a study schedule that suits your needs and allows for regular and consistent study sessions. Allocate dedicated time slots for each exam topic and adhere to the schedule.

Learn and Practice Concepts: Start studying the exam topics one by one. Understand the concepts, theories, and best practices related to network automation, software development, and infrastructure programmability. Practice coding exercises, API interactions, and network automation scenarios.

Hands-on Lab Practice: Set up a lab environment to gain practical experience. Practice working with network devices, APIs, programming languages, and automation tools. Implement and troubleshoot network automation scenarios to reinforce your understanding.

Review and Reinforce: Regularly review the topics you have covered to reinforce your knowledge. Use flashcards, summaries, and review questions to aid in retention. Identify weak areas and focus additional study efforts on those topics.

Take Practice Exams: Utilize practice exams to assess your readiness and identify areas for improvement. Simulate the exam environment and time yourself to gauge your performance. Analyze the questions you answered incorrectly to fill knowledge gaps.

Engage in Discussion and Collaboration: Join study groups or online forums where you can engage in discussions with fellow exam takers. Share knowledge, clarify doubts, and learn from others’ experiences. Collaboration can enhance your understanding and provide valuable insights.

Exam Day Preparation: Prioritize a good night’s sleep before the exam day. Review key concepts and exam strategies. Double-check your exam logistics, such as location and required identification. Arrive early and approach the exam with confidence.

Remember to adjust the study plan according to your learning style and preferences. Stay motivated, maintain a positive mindset, and track your progress throughout the study journey.

CCDA 200-901 practice questions online experience

FromNumber of exam questionsExam codeExam nameLast updated
Lead4Pass.com13200-901Developing Applications and Automating Workflows using Cisco Platforms (DEVASC)200-901 dumps

Which platform is used to programmatically create space and invite users for collaboration?

A. Cisco Intersight

B. Cisco Finesse

C. Cisco Webex

D. Cisco UCM

Correct Answer: C


Which Cisco platform is used to manage data center infrastructure through third-party tools and system integrations?

A. Cisco DNA Center

B. Cisco UCS Manager

C. Cisco Intersight

D. Cisco UCS Director

Correct Answer: C

“Cisco Intersight infrastructure services include the deployment, monitoring, management, and support of your physical and virtual infrastructure…In addition, Cisco provides integrations to third-party operations tools, starting with ServiceNow, to allow customers to use their existing solutions more efficiently.”

Reference: https://intersight.com/help/saas/getting_started/overview


How are load balancers used in modern application deployments?

A. Turn off traffic and take down compute units, then update and bring the compute units back up.

B. Allow traffic to continue as new compute units are brought up and old compute units are taken down.

C. Allow HTTP and HTTPS traffic to continue as old compute units are discontinued before new units are brought up.

D. Bring up new compute units, test the compute units, and switch the traffic from old units to new units.

Correct Answer: B

From DEVASC training:

Applications need to be available 24 hours every day. A successful web application should be able to handle ingress traffic even when the number of users drastically rises and be able to support any amount of traffic.

For example, if your web page loads in a couple of seconds with 100,000 users a month, it should be able to load within the same time even with double or triple the amount of users.


What are the two key capabilities of Cisco Finesse? (Choose two.)

A. Agents access Finesse from a browser without needing to install or configure anything on the client machine.

B. An OpenDNS utility is preconfigured and ready to use on Finesse.

C. Gadget containers provide a seamless experience in a single-user interface.

D. Finesse automatically collects telemetry data.

E. Finesse includes an RPC API that enables the development of custom gadgets.

Correct Answer: AC


What is the benefit of version control?

A. prevents two users from working on the same file

B. keeps track of all changes to the files

C. prevents the sharing of files

D. keeps the list of data types used in the files

Correct Answer: B



A developer is working on a new feature in a branch named \’newfeat123456789\’ and the current working primary branch is named \’prim987654321\’. The developer requires a merge commit during a fast-forward merge for record-keeping purposes. Which Git command must be used?

A. git merge –no-ff newfeat123456789

B. git commit –no-ff newfeat123456789

C. git add –commit-ff newfeat123456789

D. git reset –commit-ff newfeat123456789

Correct Answer: A

In the event that you require a merge commit during a fast-forward merge for record-keeping purposes, you can execute git merge with the –no-ff option.

This command merges the specified branch into the current branch but always generates a merge commit (even if it was a fast-forward merge). This is useful for documenting all merges that occur in your repository.

Source: https://www.atlassian.com/git/tutorials/using-branches/git-merge


Refer to the exhibit. A developer cannot reach the web application behind an NGINX load balancer. The developer sends a request to an application FQDN with cURL but gets an HTTP 502 response. Which action solves the problem?

latest CCDA 200-901 practice questions 7

A. Fix errors in the server configuration, which is behind the load balancer.

B. Bring up the load balancer to the active state.

C. Fix errors in the cURL request sent by the client.

D. Change the default gateway on the load balancer to an active one.

Correct Answer: A

The HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) 502 Bad Gateway server error response code indicates that the server while acting as a gateway or proxy, received an invalid response from the upstream server.



DRAG DROP Refer to the exhibit.

latest CCDA 200-901 practice questions 8

Drag and drop the code snippets from the bottom onto the blanks in the code to construct a request to find the Cisco DNA Center switch count. Not all options are used.

Select and Place:

latest CCDA 200-901 practice questions 8-1

Correct Answer:

latest CCDA 200-901 practice questions 8-2


Why is refactoring done during test-driven development?

A. to enable larger objects and longer methods

B. to improve maintainability and readability

C. to ensure that the previous uses of the objects are explained

D. to ensure the duplication of essential code

Correct Answer: B



Drag and drop the types of management from the left onto the levels at which they are performed on the right.

Select and Place:

latest CCDA 200-901 practice questions 10

Correct Answer:

latest CCDA 200-901 practice questions 10-1


Refer to the exhibits.

latest CCDA 200-901 practice questions 11
latest CCDA 200-901 practice questions 11-1

The Python interpreter and the Cisco Python SDK are available by default in the Cisco NX-OS Software. The SDK documentation shows how the clid() API can be used when working with JSON and XML. What are the two effects of running the script? (Choose two.)

A. configure interface loopback 5

B. show details for the TABLE interface

C. issue shutdown on interface loopback 5

D. show only the interfaces in the up status

E. show only the interfaces in admin shut status

Correct Answer: AD




Fill in the blanks to complete the cURL command that invokes a RESTful API to retrieve a resource in JSON format using OAuth.

curl –X _ -H “ ___: application/json” \
-H “ _: Bearer AbCdEf123456” https://localhost/api/myresource

latest CCDA 200-901 practice questions 12

A. Check the answer in the explanation.

Correct Answer: A

GET Accept Authorization

latest CCDA 200-901 practice questions 12-1

Reference: https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:Se6d2trvMsEJ



When a Cisco IOS XE networking device is configured by using RESTCONF, what is the default data encoding method?

A. application/yaml-data+json

B. application/yang-data+json

C. application/xml-data+json

D. application/json-data+xml

Correct Answer: B

RESTCONF is an HTTP-based protocol that uses the REST architectural style to enable the manipulation of data on a network device. It is designed to work with data models defined using the YANG data modeling language, and the default data encoding method for RESTCONF is application/yang-data+json.

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Salary & jobs


On average, professionals holding the Cisco 200-901 certification can expect to earn a competitive salary. According to PayScale, the average annual salary for professionals with the Cisco Certified DevNet Associate certification (which encompasses the 200-901 exam) ranges from approximately $60,000 to $120,000. However, these figures are approximate and can differ based on individual circumstances.

Factors such as years of experience, job responsibilities, geographic location, and the demand for network automation and software development skills in the specific job market can significantly impact salary ranges. It is advisable to research industry-specific salary data and consult job market trends to gain a better understanding of the potential earning potential associated with the Cisco 200-901 certification in your particular area of interest or expertise.


Here are some examples of jobs that certification can qualify you for:

Network Automation Engineer: With the Cisco 200-901 certification, you can pursue a career as a network automation engineer. In this role, you will focus on automating network tasks, developing scripts and tools, and implementing software-defined networking (SDN) solutions.

Software Developer: The certification equips you with software development skills, making you eligible for software developer roles. You can work on developing applications, APIs, and software solutions that integrate with network infrastructure.

Network Architect: As a Cisco 200-901 certified professional, you can qualify for network architect positions. In this role, you will design and plan network infrastructures, ensuring they align with business requirements and incorporate automation and programmability.

DevOps Engineer: The certification prepares you for roles as a DevOps engineer. DevOps engineers focus on streamlining software development and deployment processes, utilizing automation tools, and integrating development and operations practices.

Network Administrator: The Cisco 200-901 certification provides a strong foundation in network fundamentals, making you eligible for network administrator roles. In this position, you will be responsible for managing and maintaining network infrastructure, ensuring its efficient and secure operation.

Network Support Engineer: With the certification, you can pursue roles as a network support engineer. This involves troubleshooting network issues, providing technical support to end users, and ensuring network availability and performance.

Technical Consultant: The Cisco 200-901 certification qualifies you for technical consultant roles. As a technical consultant, you will provide expertise and guidance to clients or internal teams on implementing network automation, programmability, and software development best practices.

These are just a few examples of the job roles that the Cisco 200-901 certification can qualify you for. The certification prepares you to work at the intersection of networking and software development, enabling you to contribute to network automation, infrastructure programmability, and modern network architectures.


This article provides you with the overall planning process for the CCDA 200-901 certification exam, as well as the solution to pass the 200-901 exam (https://www.leads4pass.com/200-901.html), and good luck!