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A master image that will be used to deploy machines for a Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops environment should have
the ___________ installed on it so that ___________. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)
A. Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA); users can access resources on the machines
B. Citrix Workspace app; users can access resources on the machines
C. Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA); machines can communicate with the Site database
D. Citrix Workspace app; machines can communicate with the Site database
Correct Answer: A


Scenario: A Citrix Administrator configured the rewrite policies below:lead4pass 1y0-204 exam questions q2

In which order will the policies be evaluated?
A. POL_2, POL_3
B. POL_2
C. POL_2, POL_3, POL_4, POL_1
D. POL_2, POL_3, POL_4
Correct Answer: C


Scenario: While using Citrix Studio to create a new Delivery Group, a Citrix Administrator does NOT see any machine
catalogs listed, but does see an error message. The administrator successfully verified the presence of machine
catalogs in the Machine Catalogs node of Citrix Studio.
Which issue can cause this to happen?
A. The Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) version is lower than 7.15 LTSR.
B. There are no unassigned machine catalog machines.
C. No machine catalog machines have been started.
D. The administrator has insufficient permissions to create the Delivery Group.
Correct Answer: A


Scenario: A Citrix Administrator is implementing policies in a Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Site. The administrator is
using both Active Directory Organizational Unit (OU) level GPOs and Citrix local-Site policies to maintain the Site. All
non-Citrix user and computer policies are implemented through domain- level GPOs.
Which policies will be processes first for this Site when a user creates an HDX session?
A. Citrix local-Site policies
B. Domain-level Gros
C. OU level GPOs
D. Site-level GPOs
Correct Answer: D


A Citrix Administrator has configured the Citrix ADC as a DNS Proxy Server. The administrator executed the following
commands on the Citrix ADC using command-line interface:lead4pass 1y0-204 exam questions q5

What will be the effect of executing the above commands?
A. Set the AA bit of DNS Request
B. Set the AA bit of DNS Response
C. Unset the AA bit of DNS Request
D. Unset the AA bit of DNS Response
Correct Answer: B


Scenario: A Citrix Administrator needs to add 10 new web servers to an existing server farm. The new servers are
configured to serve the same applications and connections and are twice the capacity of the existing servers. The
administrator wants to ensure that they are being fully utilized. Currently, in the environment, the default load-balancing method is being used.
To ensure that only the 10 new servers are receiving twice the connections of the old servers without changing the load
balancing to the rest of the environment, the administrator needs to add a weight of _____________ to the services
attached to the _________ servers. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)
A. 50; new
B. 2; old
C. 50; old
D. 2; new
Correct Answer: D


Scenario: The Help Dest team is troubleshooting a printing issue. Users connect to print servers located in two different
datacenters. The print servers host identical drivers and queues. Upon investigation, a Citrix Administrator finds that
users can only print to one of the print servers successfully.
The Network team informed the administrator that only Citrix-related traffic is allowed between the two Sites.
How can the administrator fix this issue?
A. Create a Citrix policy that limits the bandwidth consumption used by printing.
B. Create a Citrix policy that disables direct connections to the print servers.
C. Install Universal printer drivers to all print servers.
D. Create a Citrix policy to auto-create printers.
Correct Answer: B


What two options are limitations of a typical Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) setup? (Choose two.)
A. An administrator CANNOT define a backup for a backup Vserver in an active-standby GSLB setup for a given GSLB
B. Apply spillover policies on a subset of GSLB services and the user CANNOT have a backup for a subset of GSLB
C. Restrict the selection of a GSLB service from a subset of GSLB services bound to a GSLB virtual server for the given
D. Any given GSLB Vserver can load-balance only one FQDN.
Correct Answer: BC

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator needs to deploy Citrix Virtual Apps. Project requirements dictate that management and
maintenance should be minimized for the administrator, while still maintaining control of the Virtual Delivery Agent
(VDA) machines.
Which hosting platform should the administrator choose to meet these requirements?
A. Service provider
B. On-premises
C. Public Cloud-hosted
D. Citrix Cloud
Correct Answer: D


Scenario: A Citrix Administrator is working on a published application. The network is connected for 100 seconds but is
interrupted and applications become unusable. The session then automatically resumes, and the administrator is able to
continue working on the application at the same progress point as before the interruption.
Which policy is enabled in this scenario?
A. Load Management
B. Session Reliability
C. ICA Keep-Alive
D. Auto client reconnect
Correct Answer: B


Scenario: A Citrix Administrator is in the process of migrating the existing 7.15 LTSR Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA)
machines used on-premises to Citrix Cloud. The administrator has created a new manual machine catalog and Delivery
Group in Citrix Cloud and pointed to the existing Device Collection in Citrix Provisioning. The administrator also
restarted the VDA machines.
What could prevent the VDA machines from registering in Citrix Cloud?
A. The VDA master image was NOT updated to communicate with the Cloud Connectors.
B. One of the two Cloud Connectors is down and unresponsive.
C. The Citrix policies have NOT been migrated to Citrix Cloud.
D. The VDA on the master image has NOT been updated to a later version.
Correct Answer: A


Scenario: A Citrix Administrator is configuring the Citrix Workspace app to allow users to access their applications and
desktops. Management requires that users can log on to the environment from any device without having to remember
the server address.
What should the administrator do to meet these requirements?
A. Deploy and configure the Citrix Workspace app using scripts.
B. Configure a DNS Service Record for the Citrix Workspace app.
C. Allow users to download the configuration from Citrix.com.
D. Configure the Citrix Workspace app using a Group Policy Template File.
Correct Answer: D
Reference: https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX133982


Scenario: A Citrix Administrator notices an intermittent latency issue within a Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops
environment. The issue only involves external users entering through a Citrix Gateway.
The administrator reviews Citrix ADC logs identifies the problem as a networking issue, and now wants a more granular
view of the data in order to isolate the issue further.
Which Citrix tool can the administrator use to view the network information?
A. Citrix Diagnostic Toolkit
B. HDX Insight
C. Citrix Scout
D. Configuration Logging
Correct Answer: A

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