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Free Oracle 1Z0-965 Exam Practice Questions

A Human Resource Representative is in the process of transferring an employee from the French Subsidiary to the US
Subsidiary and exercise the option of Global Transfer. Identify the three options for the Global Transfer process.
A. The Human Resources Representative can override the default by deselecting the assignments that are not required
to be terminated; these assignments retain their original status and the work relationship is not terminated.
B. A new work relationship in the destination legal employer is not created automatically.
C. The existing employment terms and assignments in the source work relationship are terminated and their status is
set to Inactive ?Payroll Eligible by default.
D. A new worker relationship in the destination legal employer is created automatically.
E. The Human Resource Representative cannot override the default changes.
Correct Answer: ABC

Your customer requires that the person number should not be generated if a request for new hire is not approved by the
Which method should be used?
A. Automatic Upon Final Save
B. Automatic Upon Final Submission
C. Automatic Prior to Final Save
D. Automatic Prior to Submission
Correct Answer: A

In an organization, a line manager is going on a long vacation and wants all his approval notifications to flow to his
supervisor for approval in his absence. How can he accomplish this task?
A. A system administrator always has to reassign the approval notification to the supervisor in the line manager\\’s
B. The application automatically delegates the approval to his supervisor based on the leave applied for by the line
C. He has to configure new approval routing policies.
D. A Vacation rule can be set under the Preferences section of worklist notification\\’s Human Capital Management
Correct Answer: D

Which three statements are true about Person Number? (Choose three.)
A. The Person Number Generation Method cannot be changed once a person has been entered.
B. Initial Person Number cannot be provided at enterprise level.
C. The Person Number Generation method can be changed any time.
D. Initial Person Number can be provided at enterprise level.
E. Person Numbers for contacts are generated automatically.
Correct Answer: ADE

If multiple people update a performance rating for a competency on a worker\\’s profile, what is used to provide a unique
identifier for each instance of the competency so what you can determine who provided what rating?
A. educational establishment
B. rating model
C. content subscriber
D. instance qualifier
E. content library
Correct Answer: D

Which two statements are true about Action and Action Reasons?
A. There is always a one-to-one relationship between Action Type and Action.
B. It is mandatory to associate Actions with Action Reasons.
C. The history of effective date changes can be tracked well by using the Actions framework.
D. Terminations predictive analytics uses Actions and Reasons data to identify whether a termination is voluntary or
Correct Answer: CD

Your customer is hiring an employee and assigning a line manager to the newly hired employee. What statement is
A. The line manager search is based on the public person security access.
B. The line manager search is based on the job in which the employee is hired; only the job grade higher than the
employee job will appear in this list.
C. The line manager search is based on the position hierarchy. Therefore, if an employee is hired in a particular
position, the search will populate employees with a higher position than the newly hired employee.
D. All the employees whose employment record has the “Working as Manager” check box marked as “Yes” can appear
in the drop-down list.
Correct Answer: B

An organization has multiple legal entities that need to be registered with more than one jurisdiction. Also, legal authority
information needs to be printed on statutory reports.
As an Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud implementation consultant, which three options must you be aware of
while defining legal jurisdiction and authorities for this organization?
A. Because there are multiple registrations, at least one jurisdiction must be defined as the identifying jurisdiction.
B. When a legal entity is created, one legal reporting unit is automatically created for that legal entity with a registration.
C. Income tax jurisdiction needs to be created to report income tax to the legal authority.
D. Legal authorities are mandatory in Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud.
E. Legal authorities are defined in Enterprise Structure Configurator.
Correct Answer: ACE

As an implementation consultant, you are required to set some approvals under Manage Employment tasks as Auto
Which two items need to be specified while defining the BPM Worklist Rule for auto-approval?
A. Enter APPROVE in the Auto Action field.
B. Set up dynamic approval rule.
C. Enter AUTO APPROVE in the Auto Action field.
D. Set Auto Action Enabled to True.
E. Select Number of Levels as 0.
Correct Answer: AD

Which option represents the basis on which approval routing policies can be defined?
A. Employee Supervisor Hierarchy, Position Hierarchy, Job Levels, Approval Groups, Organization Hierarchy
B. Employee Supervisor Hierarchy, Position Hierarchy, Job Levels
C. Employee Supervisor Hierarchy, Position Hierarchy, Job Levels, Approval Groups
D. Employee Supervisor Hierarchy, Position Hierarchy, Grades, Approval Groups, Organization Hierarchy
Correct Answer: C

A worker in an organization will be holding a new position because the worker holding the position has gone on
maternity leave. When the second worker is back from maternity leave, the former will be moved back to his or her old
position. His or her payroll and legal reporting will be the same even after the position changes.
Which transfer method should be used for the first movement of the said worker?
A. Global Transfer
B. Transfer
C. Temporary Assignment
D. Global Temporary Assignment
Correct Answer: C

As an implementation consultant, you are required to define a legal entity. Which three options are correct about a legal
A. A legal entity may act as a virtual organization.
B. A legal entity must comply with regulations and local jurisdictions.
C. A legal entity can be identified as a legal employer in Human Capital Management.
D. A legal entity can own assets, record sales, pay taxes, and perform transactions.
E. Legal entities are not responsible for payment of social insurance.
Correct Answer: BCD

Which three options are true about the Global Person model?
A. Person records are global, independent of legal employers, and created only once for any person.
B. Person records continue to exist even when the person has no current work relationships in the enterprise and no
current contact relationships with other workers.
C. Person records cease to exist when a person is terminated from an organization.
D. Person records hold information that is personal, such as name, date of birth, and disability information, or that may
apply to more than one work relationship, such as national ID.
E. Person records are auto-archived two years after a person is terminated from an organization.
Correct Answer: ABD

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