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A network team establishes a new connection to an IaaS CSP that is more efficient and has networking costs that are
25% less than previous monthly expenditures. The bill outlines the following costs:
Storage: $10000 Compute: $12000 Network: $7000
Which of the following will be the total cloud expenditure for the following month?
A. $26000
B. $26250
C. $27250
D. $29000
Correct Answer: C


A human resources department is considering a SaaS-based human resources portal and requires a risk analysis.
Which of the following are requirements to consider? (Choose two.)
A. Support
B. Threats
C. Chargebacks
D. Vulnerabilities
E. Maintenance
F. Gap analysis
Correct Answer: AD


Which of the following BEST describes a pay-as-you-go licensing model within a cloud service?
A. Subscription agreement
B. Perpetual agreement
C. Enterprise agreement
D. Promotional agreement
Correct Answer: D


An IT team documented the procedure for upgrading an existing IT resource within the cloud. Which of the following
BEST describes this procedure?
A. Security procedure
B. Incident management
C. Change management
D. Standard operating procedure
Correct Answer: D


Which of the following techniques helps an organization determine benchmarks for application performance within a set
of resources?
A. Auto-scaling
B. Load testing
C. Sandboxing
D. Regression testing
Correct Answer: B


A SaaS provider specifies in a user agreement that the customer agrees that any misuse of the service will be the
responsibility of the customer. Which of the following risk response methods was applied?
A. Acceptance
B. Avoidance
C. Transference
D. Mitigation
Correct Answer: C


Which of the following can be used by a client\\’s finance department to identify the cost of cloud use in a public cloud
environment shared by different projects and departments?
A. Reserved instances
B. Service level agreement
C. Resource tagging
D. RFI from the CSP
Correct Answer: C


A company is discontinuing its use of a cloud provider. Which of the following should the provider do to ensure there is
no sensitive data stored in the company\\’s cloud?
A. Replicate the data.
B. Encrypt the data.
C. Lock in the data.
D. Sanitize the data.
Correct Answer: D


Which of the following is a cloud service model that organizations use when their third-party ERP tool is provided as a
complete service?
A. Public cloud
B. SaaS
C. Hybrid cloud
D. IaaS
Correct Answer: B


A company has defined a multicloud model.
Which of the following is the MOST important aspect to consider when defining the company\\’s needs?
A. Change management
B. Data sovereignty
C. Data portability
D. Data classification
Correct Answer: C


A systems administrator is reviewing a disaster recovery option that requires little to no downtime in the event of a
natural disaster.
Which of the following BEST meets this requirement?
A. Configure availability zones.
B. Configure high availability.
C. Configure geo-redundancy.
D. Configure auto-scaling.
Correct Answer: A


A document that outlines the scope of a project, specific deliverables, scheduling, and additional specific details from
the client/buyer is called a:
A. statement of work.
B. standard operating procedure.
C. master service document.
D. service level agreement.
Correct Answer: D


A company wants to process a batch job in a faster, cost-effective manner. Which of the following is the BEST solution?
A. Implement right-sizing.
B. Increase CPU usage.
C. Utilize spot instances.
D. Add storage.
Correct Answer: C


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